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DF Design A/S Service


DF Design After Service Team is organized, professional experts.

 We visit to check on Friday afternoon in the first week of every month. 

Once a 3 months


Regular Check For

Hardware Like Door, Handle & Hinge etc

For Security & Auto Door

 And Exchange For Lighting 

 M&E (Newly Constructed Area)

Water Leakage Service (Newly Constructed Area)


A/S Hotline


Hotline No.  



1 year

Free Service



Client’s ask for the content of after service.
(Receives the content of after service.)

Site Check
Check the site and ‘Sub contractor’ to give the content of after service.

When the content of after service is formed,
‘Sub contractor’ lets ‘US’ know the content of after service is ready.

After Service
Lets ‘Client’ know the Fixed date of after service and explains the way of construction.
Basically after service should be completed the day after it was received.
If we need more than 24 hrs for supplying materials, we report to client the period of construction service time.

Checks after service completion from ‘Client’

 DF’s Self Quality Control by Check-list



  • Frequent visit and check

  • Education of usage to site people

  • Taking any services that needed from site

  • Single contact point





Providing a Cost-Down Service



  • Check of maintenance status

  • Suggestion of feasible material for good maintenance

  • Discussion of effective maintenance method


Discussion with a Client for a Future Maintenance plan


  • Providing a direction along with the today’s trend

  • Suggestion of practical method for future maintenance


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